Money troubles?

What to do if you fall behind with rent

If you fall behind with paying your rent we will try to contact you to find out if you are having money troubles.  If we can’t get in touch by text, phone or post we can arrange for someone to visit you - this is usually a Neighbourhood Manager, from our housing team.

How YOU can contact your rent team:

  • Text ‘advice’ to 80011 starting with your name and address. Our rent team will call you back
  • Contact the team
  • Write to us at: East Kent Housing, Garrity House, Miners Way, Aylesham, CT3 3BF

Fallen behind with your rent or need a little help with your benefits?

Then why not contact our Benefit and Money advisors for non-judgemental help and support.  Last year they helped over 200 tenants access benefits that they were entitled to and supported tenants to move into more suitable homes. You can text, email or call the team

Further help and advice

If you are worried about not being able to keep up with repayments on your loans, credit cards or rent there's lots of help available:

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