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Surveys underway for 2019-21 home improvements

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The first of surveys started in May 2019 and cover kitchens and bathrooms, windows and doors, and roofing. External decoration surveys will start over the Summer.

We want to make sure you get the best homes and services from East Kent Housing. Every year, we re-invest the rent money we collect to repair, maintain and improve homes - including fitting new, modern kitchens and bathrooms. 

As part of East Kent Housing’s ongoing commitment to raising the Decent Homes Standard, our 2019/20 programme has started.  The initial part of the process involves surveying properties across our four client Council districts in preparation for the works to be carried out in the 2019/20 or 2020/21 financial year. 

The first of these started in May 2019 and cover:

- Kitchens and bathrooms;
- Windows and doors;
- Roofing;
- Re-decorating (surveys to start over the Summer).

The PDF documents on our Planned Maintenance Programme pages outline the streets in the four Council districts that the 2019 surveys will cover.  Please note that not all properties on the streets listed in the documents will be surveyed.  If an address is not on the programme it will be surveyed in subsequent years or in this programme further down the line.

What residents need to know

Depending on the type of works being carried out and whether these will require surveys within your home, residents may receive a letter from the surveyors so that you can arrange a survey at a date and time convenient to you.  East Kent Housing and our appointed contractors/surveyors do not cold call and our staff and contractors always carry ID badges.

If work is then identified to be carried out, the resident will receive a letter, usually within four weeks, to set a date to measure up and carry out other various pre-works checks.  The works will then be programmed and they will be notified of the timescales direct by the contractor.  Typical timescales for a bathroom installation would be around one week and for a kitchen around 15 working days.  Other items of works vary depending on their scope and specific requirement.

PLEASE NOTE: We are unable to answer enquiries from individuals regarding their properties and we ask residents to liaise directly with the surveyor and/or contractor who contacts them at the time

The addresses on the various links are being updated as the surveys and works progress, and we will provide further updates and revisions to these throughout the year.  We will also endeavour to provide updates on the other programmes of works that we are carrying out.

Visit the street survey details on our Planned Maintenance Programme page.


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