Resident Scrutiny Panel

Resident Scrutiny Panel - improving services to meet your needs

The Resident Scrutiny Panel is made up of residents from across the four East Kent Housing areas specifically recruited to review housing services and make recommendations as to how these can be improved.

The Panel is supported by the Resident Involvement Team and their findings and recommendations are considered by our Board. 

Click the links below to read the Resident Scrutiny Panel's reports:

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How can you get involved?
You too can play a vital role in examining the way we deliver our services and make a real difference to the housing service.

Do you have some of the skills we are looking for and want to develop them further?

Join our Scrutiny Panel - help us improve your services!
You can apply online here.

Alternatively, If you would like any more information about becoming a member or would like an information pack, please contact the Resident Involvement Team on 01304 872446 or email

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