Commitment to Prevent Bribery

Statement of Commitment to prevent Bribery

East Kent Housing are committed to prevent bribery and we demonstrate our commitment by confirming that we will carry out our business fairly, honestly and openly. 

We will:
  • Have a zero tolerance towards bribery as set out within our anti-fraud policy.
  • Take appropriate disciplinary action should directors or employees breach our policy.
  • Will refer other associated persons to the relevant authorities as a consequence of breaching contractual provisions relating to bribery prevention.

  • Will avoid doing business with others who do not commit to doing business without bribery as a ‘best practice’ objective.

  • Will seek to maintain business benefits of rejecting bribery to enhance our reputation as well as our customer and business partner confidence.

  • Have adopted an anti-fraud, irregularities and whistle blowing policy that incorporates  bribery prevention as a key element of procedures, including confidential reporting.

  • Have identified that the Company Secretary will have overall management responsibility for the anti-fraud policy, including bribery. This role is within the responsibilities of the Transformation Manager (Business Support) in the interim structure and will flow into the successor role within the final structure.

  • Will seek to develop and enhance our policies in line with our member local authorities and the ‘arms-length management organisation’ trade body.

  • Will review the anti-fraud policy every two years or as required through any identified requirements or legislative changes.


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